Monday, August 6, 2018


Our dearest Brothers and Sister; we sincerely hope that you are well in heart, mind and spirit. Once again we are blessed with the privilege of writing to you all after another amazingly blessed month of service to the Lord. We are so grateful for the much love and support that you gave us through the month of July. It has been such an incredible blessing to serve the Lord and be a part of what He is doing in the Colonia 89 through our lives and your lives. Thank you so much for another month of partnership. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we continue serving the Lord in His ministry of Dios Me Ve.

We are happy to report that the congregation of Dios Me Ve continues strong in their desires to further their knowledge of the Scriptures and serve the Lord. We are blessed to say that many of our brothers and sisters in Christ from Dios Me Ve have started to be a witness to others of the Lord's great love and mercy. Some have even taken upon themselves the task of inviting their friends and neighbors on the days that we have services. For us, it is amazing to see how the Lord is transforming the hearts of the members of the congregation and how He is using them to continue to spread His love. Please continue to keep the congregation of Dios Me Ve in your prayers as their knowledge of the Scriptures continues to grow.

This month the Lord has given us the blessing of hosting our family in Christ from Terrazas Del Valle in Tijuana. As a congregation we have gone to Tijuana and visited our brothers before but this was the first time they decided to make the trip to Ensenada and bless us with a message from the Scriptures and a great time of fellowship amongst family in Christ. Upon our announcing of their coming to the congregation of Dios Me Ve everyone was extremely excited as we haven’t had the privilege of hosting a local Mexican church before. This was such a great encouragement for all of the members of the congregation.

During the visit of our family in Christ we were all able to worship the Lord together with hymns and songs. We were blessed to hear the children from Dios Me Ve recite a verse that they had been learning in their bible classes and we even had one of the older kids recite the books of the bible by memory. As a family in Christ we were also given the privilege of celebrating the birthday of Noemi, a small girl who has been a faithful member of the congregation of Terrazas Del Valle since she was a baby. After service we enjoyed an amazing buffet of food that was prepared by some of the members of Dios Me Ve and Terrazas Del Valle. Overall that day was full of so many amazing blessings and much encouragement for all of us.

During this month we were also able to help out some of the families in need of the Colonia 89 with backpacks and school supplies for their kids. With the start of every new school year many families of the community are faced with the difficult decision of choosing between paying for their children’s education or paying for groceries and bills. In order to help lighten the load on these parents and help keep these kids in school we carry out a back to school outreach program every time a new school year starts, for which we seek the help of our family in Christ who is willing to donate or purchasing backpacks and school supplies for these kids.  

We are so happy to report that once again the Lord provided in such a great manner that we were able to help many children with their school material needs. Thank you all so much as you too were a part of this amazing blessing for the children of the Colonia 89. Thanks to your constant prayers and support we are blessed to inform you that many children have once again been given the opportunity to continue their education in hopes of having a better future.

Our beloved family in Christ, the month of July ended in such an amazingly blessed way that we are encouragingly looking forward to all that the Lord has planned for August. We pray and hope the Lord continues to guide your hearts to partner with us in His ministry of Dios Me Ve through August but above all we pray for the Lord’s will to be done.

With love and gratitude,

Your family in Christ of Dios Me Ve Ministries.

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