Monday, December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas 2018 / Feliz Navidad 2018

Luke 2:8-11 (NIV)
And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night. 9 An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. 10 But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. 11 Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.
Lucas 2:8-11 (NVI)
En esa misma región había unos pastores que pasaban la noche en el campo, turnándose para cuidar sus rebaños. 9 Sucedió que un ángel del Señor se les apareció. La gloria del Señor los envolvió en su luz, y se llenaron de temor. 10 Pero el ángel les dijo: «No tengan miedo. Miren que les traigo buenas noticias que serán motivo de mucha alegría para todo el pueblo. 11 Hoy les ha nacido en la Ciudad de David un Salvador, que es Cristo el Señor.

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Friday, December 7, 2018


Our dear brothers and sisters, it has been another incredibly blessed month of service to the Lord in His ministry of Dios Me Ve. We are grateful to the Lord for the opportunity that He gives us of being able to write to you all and keep you informed of the things that are being done in Dios Me Ve. Thank you so much for keeping us all in your prayers and for your constant support. We thank you for your partnership; it has truly been and continues to be an amazing blessing to our lives and to the ministry of Dios Me Ve. We hope that you can all continue to partner with us in all that the Lord will guide us to do in His ministry and through His ministry during the course of the month of December.

During the month of November we were able to work on some of the construction projects that need to be done in order to build the second floor in Dios Me Ve, where we will have the youth classroom, nursery and office of Dios Me Ve. Thanks to God we laid the foundations and lifted up part of the front outside walls for Dios Me Ve. We were also able to prepare the columns that will sustain the second floor to hopefully be able to pour them soon. The Lord is allowing us to move forward at His time in each one of the projects that need to be done here. Occasionally some of the guys from the community come by and lend a helping hand just to fellowship or pass the time; we are grateful that we are given the opportunity to have them come so that we can encourage them and share with them the Lord’s love and mercy. We ask that you please keep the construction team in your prayers as we all work together in each project; pray that we can continue to be a testimony in the community and to all those who come around us.

The first two Sundays of November were such a blessing to us and the congregation of Dios Me Ve as we received the invitation to join our family in Christ from Tijuana in two shared services. We were blessed with the privilege of being able to fellowship with our family in Christ of Terrazas del Valle and Grupo Mexico for two services in which we all had the blessing of worshiping the Lord together, praying for one another, and learning from the Scriptures and fellowshipping over a potluck lunch. Both Sundays were of great encouragement to us as a congregation; on the drive back home the congregation of Dios Me Ve would recap and share some of the things that the Lord spoke to their lives. Since these two shared services we have seen how many have set out to put into practice what was taught through the Scriptures during the services.

We are so thankful to the Lord for each opportunity that He gives us of serving Him and sharing His love, mercy and compassion with others. Each month we are amazed at all that the Lord has in store for His children; thank you so much for being a part of everything that is done in and through the Lord’s ministry of Dios Me Ve, your many prayers and support were a great help and an amazing tool that kept us moving forward in the month of November.
We would like to take this time to remind you that you are always welcome to Dios Me Ve to personally see and physically be a part of the many things that the Lord allows us to do for the honor and glory of His Name. We will continue to pray for you all just as we know that you will pray for us.

With love and gratitude,

Your family in Christ of Dios Me Ve Ministries

Thursday, November 8, 2018


Our dear family in Christ, we are so blessed to write to you about the things that the Lord allowed us to do in His ministry of Dios Me Ve through the month of October. It has been such a blessing to have had your partnership in all that was done during the month. Thank you so much for your many prayers and support that has made possible all that was done for the honor and glory of God. We hope that as we continue to serve our Lord in the month of November you feel it in your hearts to continue to walk with us in all that the Lord has for His ministry of Dios Me Ve.  

During October the Lord allowed us to get some construction work done in the new restrooms and buildings of Dios Me Ve. Thanks to God we were able to get closer to finishing the restrooms and we had the metal security bars installed in both the doors and windows of the children’s building and the restrooms. This addition in security will allow us to further prepare all that is needed to start the children’s discipleship program that we have been constantly praying for, as we will be able to be better stewards of the Lord’s blessings to the community and no longer have to worry about a potential break in.

During the month we also prepared a part of the structure for what will be the columns of a second floor on top of the buildings of Dios Me Ve. Thanks to God the congregation of Dios Me Ve continues to grow and with that growth we now have different age groups coming to the bible classes to listen to the Word of God.  Families of adults, babies, children and teenagers are being edified in the Scriptures; the children that come receive their own bible study in the children’s building while their parents receive their bible study in the main building of Dios Me Ve; however we do not have a nursery for infants, a classroom for teenagers or an office for counseling sessions. It is because of this that we are praying for the Lord to allow us to expand in the measure that He allows His church in Dios Me Ve to grow. Please continue to pray for us as the Lord guides us in His ministry.

It is always a blessing for us to receive the visit of our Brothers and Sisters in Christ. On this occasion the Lord blessed us with the privilege of serving the community of the Colonia 89 alongside our family in Christ of Living Truth Christian Fellowship. Throughout the course of the year our family in Christ of Living Truth collects toys to give to the children of the community of the Colonia 89 in the month of October. For the past few years the Lord has provided and allowed us to partner up to continue serving Him and spreading His love with this Toy Outreach. 

On this day not only are the children blessed but also the adults, as the Lord’s provision is so great that we are able to also bless each family with a pantry and a gift for the adults. Many times the lines are long and the heat is intense for the adults and children who eagerly await their blessings but every year the people of the community amaze us as we see how they withstand the long hours of wait time and the discomfort to be able to receive what the Lord has for them. It is during this event that the Lord gives us great opportunities to pray for everyone, show His love through a gift, a smile, a polite gesture or even a cup of cold water, even the most simplest of things can be used to share the Lord’s love.  As a family in Christ, both the congregation of Living Truth and the congregation of Dios Me Ve joined together to make this event possible by bagging pantries, fixing the toys, organizing the lines, face painting, balloon making, praying and cooking the hamburgers each role was just as important and necessary to bring this amazing blessing to the community. We are so grateful for these wonderful opportunities of service; we pray that the Lord continues to allow us to partner with our family in Christ to bring honor and glory to His Name.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018


Brothers and sisters, once again God gives us the privilege of sharing with all of you part of what The Creator continues to do in our lives and through our lives. Wow! One more month full of blessings from God. We thank God for all the time you take to read this newsletter to continue to be aware of how you can pray for us. We ask that you please continue to pray for the Ministry of Dios Me Ve and for all the families that make up this Ministry.

I would like to share with all of you what our Lord Jesus Christ is doing in the life of Abraham, a young father who has been gathering in Dios Me Ve for about 6 years; since he was around 13 years old. Today he is a 19-year-old Young man with the responsibility of raising his little son named Jacob. Abraham is Enrique’s brother, the young man who is studying at the New Tribes Missions Bible Institute in Chihuahua. We have been observing Abraham’s attitude and his positive response to the Gospel and to the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Five months ago God blessed Abraham with a little house through the Ministry of Hands of Mercy with which he entered into a new stage of greater maturity both spiritually and as a man responsible for his wife Michel and the great blessing that God has given them of their son Jacob. Abraham and Michel spoke with me (Pastor Hector) in order to present the beloved little Jacob before the Lord and Creator of everything. The intention of this young couple was to dedicate their son to the service of God and to be guided by the Scriptures to lead a life that pleases God in their entire family environment. God is doing great things in His Ministry of Dios Me Ve, maybe not with multitudes, but we can see the faithfulness of God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit through His Word, leading young couples like Abraham and Michel to take big steps of Faith by obeying the instructions and teachings of the Scriptures. Today, Abraham is the one who helps me in the Ministry of the Church with everything required in the maintenance and construction of the buildings. It is for these reasons that I ask you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to keep Abraham and Michel and their little son Jacob in your prayers, so they can continue with their plans to get married and be better before God and the system of this passing world. Pray for them so that if it is God's will they can be the columns of the Church that is established in the region of the Colonia 89 in Ensenada, Baja California.

As many of you may already know, in previous newsletters we have kept you updated on our health as a family and how we have been battling with different serious health problems, especially my wife Maribel. Again we would like to give you an updated report since we have all been struggling with health problems. Thanks to God, Maribel continues her treatment, which little by little has been bringing her to a state of tranquility in her physical health and bringing a Peace from God, although she was physically intervened with surgeries on different occasions this year. We hope in God that she will continue to recover from everything and continue to be of great help within the Ministry of Dios Me Ve.

As for myself (Pastor Hector), I am really very grateful to God for all this time that He has allowed me to be walking, even with a little pain and a few difficulties when performing certain movements. Thanks to God I have been in a progressive recovery with good results, but the doctors have told me about another surgery to remove the titanium structure that I have in my spine, since two of the screws are poorly fitted and cause discomfort when I make certain movements. I will continue praying about my surgery, letting myself be guided by God, without worrying that I have to be operated once more and again go through all the rehabilitation in order to reach once again the physical state in which I find myself today. I thank God for your lives and for all the fidelity you show to God, for having us in your prayers and supporting what God continues to do in our lives and through the Ministry of Dios Me Ve. We will continue to teach the Word of God so that the brothers and sisters of Dios Me Ve can be strengthened in the Lord and may take more authoritative roles within the Ministry in order to continue the spreading of the Gospel within this community. I ask for your prayers to continue sharing the Gospel to all those who need it so much. Pray for our health, so that God will guide the doctors to make the best decision for our family.

About two years ago Maydean had a serious problem with a deformation of her cornea in both eyes; through your prayers and all your support, she was able to undergo surgery to improve her sight physically. According to the doctors, this surgery would help her improve her vision and help her stop having intense migraine headaches, which would not allow her to work and had her away from certain activities inside and outside the Ministry. Before and during surgery Maydean ran the risk of losing her sight in its entirety but thanks to God everything went well. Unfortunately, since the surgery and up until now the headaches have not yet stopped and now Maydean has also been experiencing severe pain in her ovaries. These pains often force her to stay inactivate and set apart in her personal space, which is why we ask for your prayers, so that the doctors can inform us of what is going on with her headaches and ovaries so that she can receive medical treatment and rest from her pains as well as the physical problems she had because of the deformation of her corneas. Currently she is enjoying a better physical and spiritual sight and continues to participate in many activities inside and outside the Ministry, but with some restrictions because of her pains.

As for the health of Hector Jr., he always seems to be very well but recently he has had many pains in his abdomen so in this month as a family we will be setting aside some time to receive medical checkups. Please keep Jr. in your prayers, since we think that maybe he has a hernia in his abdomen because of all the work in the different Ministries of Dios Me Ve. We would also like to inform you that Hector Jr. is about to finish the career that God has led him to take within the University (Law), first God he will be finishing his schooling in December. Please keep him in your prayers for God to guide him in this new stage of his life, either within the Ministry or in what God has prepared for His son Hector Jr.

Once again thank you for all your support and constant prayers; you are a huge blessing for us.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018


Brothers and sisters, once again God gives us the privilege of walking in his way and in his Ministry of Dios Me Ve, giving us the blessing of sharing with all of you part of the activities of the Church and the outreaches of Evangelism in different regions of Mexico. It was another month full of blessings from God. We thank God for all your lives, for your faith and obedience and for listening to the voice of God and continuing to be of great spiritual and economic support through all your prayers and your offerings of love. Please continue to pray for all of us who are in the field of work and service for our Lord Jesus Christ in the Ministry of Dios Me Ve.

This month we are very happy to inform you of our beloved Brother Enrique, who faithfully continues with the commitment to prepare for the service and ministry where God may lead him. As a Church we had the privilege of praying for him to send him to Chihuahua once again so that he can continue with his cross-cultural training. Enrique will be spending two years of language training and internship in the areas of ministry work in the mountains of Chihuahua and with different missionaries active within the ministry of Evangelism, based on Rancho Siloe, since he has faithfully completed two years of Bible training in the facilities of the Transcultural Biblical Institute, Chihuahua, Chihuahua. For this reason we ask for your prayers and support so that he may continue faithfully with his commitment and that the Church continues with their commitment to support their missionary in prayer and in economy, whether God directs him to serve in the Church of Dios Me Ve or sends him to those who need to hear of the precious gift of eternal life through his beloved Son Jesus.

This month God gave us the privilege of blessing our brothers in Oaxaca once again with our grain of sand. A pastoral family from Oaxaca residing in the Ensenada region heard about the work that God allowed the congregation of Dios Me Ve, the group of men from Hierro con Hierro from the Church of Horizonte and the Ministry of Hands of Mercy to do in partnership with you through your precious offerings after the earthquake. They also heard about the previous visits that we have been doing with different work teams to be of support to the pastors of those regions of Oaxaca.

Our brothers decided to go to their homeland to be able to gather their relatives and those of their village in order to share with them a delicious meal and share with them the Gospel in their own language (dialect). We give thanks to God for all of you, since through all your prayers and your support we can share the Love and Mercy of God with the people that God already has prepared to receive his gift of eternal life. The brothers were able to distribute audios of the Word of God and express their love and concern for those who are lost both in the capital of Oaxaca and in the area of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca. Thank you very much for your prayers and all your support, if you wish to visit and be able to be of support to our brothers from Oaxaca please keep in prayer and in the future if once again God supplies everything we need we will be heading out on a missionary trip to be of encouragement and support to our brothers and sisters in Oaxaca.

This month was really a great blessing for several families that attend the Church of Dios Me Ve as well as the Church of Terrazas del Valle and a small part of the Church of Grupo México. God gave us the privilege of being able to attend to his sons and daughters in the organization and preparation of meals, during a weekend retreat that we had as a family of Christ, so that they could be edified in the Word of God with the theme of "A family according to the will of God".

We spent three days receiving the Biblical instructions on how to manage our family in our home, in the Church and in the earthly society. After each delightful dish of physical food we had the blessing to accompany it with a delicious spiritual dessert and the opportunity to put it into practice in our family life during our fellowship in the mountains, the pool and in a bonfire where the Churches united their offerings of songs to worship the Creator in the midst of the darkness of the night being illuminated by the moon and the stars. To be able to see all those children, teenagers and their parents adore and praise the Creator was refreshing for our eyes and ears, as we were listening to them and seeing them from afar we were meditating on the hard work that lies ahead in the discipleship of our sons and daughters and the Church. We sincerely want to thank you all for your many prayers and for the great Love you show to the ministry of Dios Me Ve. Please continue to pray for our lives so that God continues to work in us and through us, in our homes, in the Church and within all society.

Thank you very much for being part of the family of Dios Me Ve and for all your prayers and your financial support. We hope to be able to fellowship with all of you soon in your missionary trips to the Ministry of Dios Me Ve.